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Help Hydro Relief Restore Our Nation's Clean Waters and Resources!


Potomac River at Great Falls     


The worst threat to mankind's survival is the loss of clean water!

Our nation's waters, lakes, rivers and streams provide us with life giving resources. Our waters yield food resources to both man and animal. We rely on clean waters to irrigate farm fields, crops, and also to sustain clean drinking water for millions of people. In addition, our fresh waters have played a central role to the successful growth of our nation's economy. 

Now, our nation faces an environmental crisis with the threat of pollution that plagues our waters and natural resources!

We resolve hydro Environmental crisis!

Our Mission 

Hydro Relief and Water Conservation Resources, specializes in "action" solutions to the manmade Pollution threats to our nation's waters and resources. With our team of specialists and expert Contractors, Hydro Relief will customize the Disaster relief plan to meet the needs of each important Mission. The unique services and resources will then be donated to the community in need.

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A message from the Founder

After 5 years of intensive research, development, and despite severe personal hardship, I have founded Hydro Relief and Water Conservation Resources as a nationwide nonprofit.

Hydro Relief


National Agenda

Our national Agenda is focused! We aim to clean our nation's water supply and stop the source of manmade pollution. Hydro Relief will build life saving water supplies for drought stricken communities. We will educate and raise public awareness. Our mission is to research the long term effects of water contamination.


You are the Solution to Our Water Pollution!

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We are a Member of "We Are Still In!"
The U.S. Coalition To The Paris Accord.

HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources

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