Project Lake Okeechobee

"Solutions to the Pollution"


Governor Rick Scott

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Bill Nelson


The Solution to the water pollution of Lake O

Phase 1:

Is the Army Corps of Engineers 3 water pumping stations

*1 Construct and install water treatment and purification systems to the existing 3 Pumping Station on Lake O. 
The water needs to be cleansed of the backwash contaminants before it is discharged into the Estuaries.

*2 ELEMENT RENEWAL process to cleanse Heavy Metals.
*3 Solar
power and Solar Generator

Phase 2

*1 Combat the toxic Algae.

BIOVERSE Aqua Sphere

The Aqua Spheres will be dispersed on Algae Bloom "hot spots".

" The Good Algae consuming the bad Algae!"